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Video Corner

Just filmed in January 2011: Tour the garden and see leafy greens growing in snow-capped ColdFrames, as filmed by Matthew Krist.


The videos below show the re-development of the garden between fall 2003 and spring 2006.

While originally created in 1993, the garden had gone into significant decline because of challenges with receiving a steady water supply. Many thanks to Paula Fletcher, then TDSB School Trustee, now twice-elected City Councillor, for her speedy help, upon request, in getting us a new tap.

Most of the footage, filmed by Kyla Dixon-Muir, was digitized by a kind neighbour and friend to the garden, Nicholas Fasullo. Nicholas also very generously edited the footage, and allowed us to use his band 40 Something's original music, from his fabulous new CD entitled Watch The Garden Grow as the soundtracks.

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