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Welcome to our Links page!

  • Nicholas Fasullo, the artist who edited the videos in our Video Corner, and generously donated Forty Something's music as a soundtrack can be reached here: 40something.ca

posted February 22, 2009

New note: Currently, Nicholas is updating the band's website; so the above link, posted in 2007 isn't effective at the moment. As soon as the new link is available we'll post it so you can enjoy the band's music. In the meantime, you can hear their enriching sound on our Video Corner's presentations.

All links below are current:

  • The Toronto Community Garden Network, for information on many other community gardens in Toronto: tcgn.ca
  • Kyla Dixon-Muir, Development Coordinator of this community garden, at her own website related to other arts and community endeavours: mudpies.ca
  • Urban Harvest, Toronto's premier seed seller, providing open-pollinated, heritage and heirloom seeds and more: uharvest.ca
  • Seeds of Diversity Canada, the organization promoting seed saving and education, for whom the Seedy Saturday's across Canada are organized to support: seeds.ca
  • Canadian Organic Growers, the source for information for farmers and home gardeners alike on organic growing practices and organic food resources: cog.ca

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